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Flame Photometer Consumption Report 2017

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Flame Photometer consumption report 2017

A Flame Photometer is a scientific instrument that is used to analyse the levels of Sodium, Lithium, Potassium, or Calcium in a particular sample. The instruments are most commonly used in laboratory settings for accurate analysis of elements is essential for scientific research projects and evaluations.

Consumption and Uptake of Flame Photometers at present is most prevalent in North America, currently leading the vast influx of new Flame Photometer demand. This is steadily followed by Europe and China as positions two and three respectively. BWB Technologies has specialist distributors on each of these continents that are primed to deliver exceptional flame photometer instruments to laboratories and a whole range of other applications.

In recent publications, BWB Technologies have been identified and recognised as a leading provider of Flame Photometers.

You can find out more about our Flame Photometer Range by clicking this link

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