BWB Flame Photometer Range

BWB Technologies Flame Photometer Range consistently pushes the boundaries of low temperature flame photometry. Our Flame Photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Barium. 

We have a range of Flame Photometer Instruments as detailed below. Each Instrument is created specifically for your exact requirements and with the latest technology.  

BWB Technologies is renowned for our commitment to excellence. We design and manufacture the latest specification Flame Photometer instrumentation on the market, with high levels of accuracy and reliability, at a cost effective price.


Manufactured in the United Kingdom, quality is our top priority and each series of flame photometer products exceed expectations in terms of specification, ease of use for the user, accuracy, and reporting.


When you purchase a flame photometer from BWB Technologies, you can access dedicated and knowledgeable 24/7 customer support staff to help with all of your technical requirements and questions.


Whether you are measuring Biological, Sugar, Nuclear or other specific samples, there is a specialised machine for your requirement. This gives you confidence that you have the right instrument for the job every time.


Our vast distribution network means we always have a native speaking distributor who can guide you through your onboarding, organise swift delivery of any extra or replacement parts, and help answer any questions you may have.


BWB Technologies is ISO9001 Quality Standard Certified and Globally Accredited as being the best provider of after-sales support for any questions and guidance you may require to get the best out of the machine.


Just a few of the reasons our long-standing clients choose us:


  1. Up to 5 Channels of Simultaneous Detection and Display

  2. Built-In Air Compressor

  3. Advanced Calibration System

  4. All Accessories Supplied As Standard


“The BWB instrument is the most advanced I have seen. Even inexperienced customers have no trouble installing the instrument without supervision , by simply following the clear and user friendly instruction manual. I have found BWB's application and technical support "second to none". - Murdoch Macaskill, Daintree Scientific, AUSTRALIA

The BWB XP Flame Photometer

Our award winning 5 channel instrument

Since 2006 the BWB XP has been the companies' flagship model
and is used by delighted customers around the world.


The BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer

Our award winning 4 channel instrument

Growing on the award winning XP platform the XP plus brings together
the great benefits found through our range of industry specific instruments.


The BWB BIO Flame Photometer

For biological applications

A specialist flame photometer for use with biological samples
and special built in features for the analysis of blood and urine. 


The BWB BIOav Flame Photometer

For biological applications

A specialist flame photometer for use with biological samples
and special built in features for the analysis of blood and urine. 


The BWB NUCLEAR Flame Photometer

Online, four channel Lithium detection

The measurement of low concentrations of lithium has resulted
in the most accurate multi channel instrument for analysis of lithium.

Nuclear CUT-OUT_RGB.png

The BWB LI Flame Photometer

The most accurate lithium flame photometer!

BWB Flame Photometers have always been renowned
for a highly stable and accurate lithium measurement. 


The BWB SUGAR Flame Photometer

Redefining Sugar refining from beet or cane

Measurement of potassium in sugar via flame photometry

has been a long established technique dating back to the 1970's.

Sugar CUT-OUT_RGB.png

The BWB SYN FUELS Flame Photometer

Reliable and accurate analysis of all four atoms of interest

This powerful and growing global industry now has the
attending facilities for Synthetic Fuels or Bio-Fuels production.

Syn Fuels CUT-OUT_RGB.png

The BWB SFP Flame Photometer

Evolving Flame Photometry to fit your specific needs

The BWB flame photometer is a game-changer in what is possible with a
low temperature flame and our product development program has.

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