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The BWB Li Flame Photometer

A flame photometer for when accurate Lithium measurement is required.

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  • Multiple lithium detection channels focused for high accuracy lithium measurements

  • Built-in air compressor

  • Solutions and labware included

  • User selectable decimal places

  • Intuitive user interface for true ease of use

  • Display prompts step by step operation

  • Built-in air compressor

  • Data sharing via pc link with BWB’s FP-PC app

  • IQ, OQ, PQ web-based certification available

Photograph of BWB's LITHIUM Flame Photometer
Chimney of the BWB LITHIUM Flame Photometer
A second detail image of the LITHIUM Flame Photometer
Close up of the BWB LITHIUM's fluid injector device

BWB flame photometers have always been renowned
for their accurate lithium measurement, this model is the most accurate so far.

BWB Flame Photometers have always been renowned for a highly stable and accurate lithium measurement. This winning formula has been developed further with specific adaptation and optimisation of the proprietary BWB optical array detection systems.

A well earned thank you to Dr. Richard Roman of the University of Mississippi for his invaluable assistance on this Lithium specific FES.

The BWB Li uses multiple lithium detection channels. This latest configuration has been exclusively designed to specifications laid
out through consultation with our customers.

The BWB Li is the first of it’s kind. Engineered with a single purpose,
the BWB Li is the most accurate and advanced lithium flame photometer (FES) ever manufactured!

Photograph of BWB's LITHIUM Flame Photometer
Download Datasheet
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