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The BWB Flash Flame Photometer

Our newest flame photometry platform

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  • Large 5" touch screen display compatible with the majority of disposable laboratory gloves

  • True ease of use with large buttons and simple to understand text and symbols

  • Built-in air compressor and gas regulator

  • Calibration standards supplied as standard in 10,000ppm concentrations

  • Auto-read technology enables operator independent determination of results

  • User selectable decimal places

  • IQ, OQ, PQ web-based certification available: IQ OQ PQ is completely unique to the analytical instrumentation arena.

  • Complete set of basic labware included to get you started

Photograph of BWB's FLASH Flame Photometer
Close up image of FLASH Flame Photometer
Display of FLASH Flame Photometer
FLASH Flame Photometer shot from above

Finally, a flame photometer specific to your needs. The first simultaneous flame photometer with built in compressor and configurable element analysis to your requirements.

The BWB Flash is the first and only fully configurable, up to four channel flame photometer that detects and displays all calibrated ions at the same time.

The BWB Flash was created by combining the award-winning features of our XP model with new, innovative, and cutting-edge technology to provide unrivalled levels of accuracy, usability, and reliability while significantly reducing analysis time. When a different measurement is required, our customers do not need to waste valuable time changing filters and re-calibrating, as is a common requirement in all other Flame Photometer designs from 1951 to the present.

Our metal casework creates a sturdy portable instrument with nearly limitless future recycling possibilities. Of course, ROHS-compliant components and materials are used throughout.

The BWB Carbon Footprint is exceptionally low, in keeping with the company’s goals of being a responsible manufacturer, and we’ve succeeded in lowering the gas consumption rate by 13% while also lowering the electricity consumption (kWh) by 26% compared to previous model generations.

Unlike other manufacturers who charge extra for essential accessories, BWB includes everything needed to use the product right away. Simply add Gas!! (Propane, LPG, or butane) We also include data sharing via USB from the BWB Flash to your PC as standard. This connects the BWB Flame Emission Spectrometer (FES) output to the Internet or your company intranet systems, allowing for Distributed Control, which is critical for multinational corporations, universities, and government agencies.

The BWB Flash is available in 7 different models with a variety of different detection capabilities. This table details each of the models:

Model      Ions Detected

FL-C         Ca

FL-K          K

FL-L          Li

FL-N         Na

FL-2          Na & K

FL-3          Na, K & Li

FL-4          Na, K, LI & Ca

Photograph of BWB's FLASH Flame Photometer
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