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The BWB SFP Flame Photometer

6-element flame photometry.

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Na Tile
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  • Specially configured to suit your needs

  • “IRS” (Internal Reference Standard) available

  • Our non traditional 5th “Unit of Measure” allows the true innovation of units to display and link outbound via our FP-PC coupling to the inter or intra-net

  • Simultaneous detection and display of any combination of all 5 atoms of interest

  • Compatible with BWB AFHS

  • Intuitive user interface for true ease of use

  • Display prompts step by step operation

  • Built-in air compressor

  • Solutions and labware included

  • Data sharing via PC link

  • Operator independent determination of results

  • 4 user selectable units of measure with a fifth optional unit of measure

  • User selectable decimal places

  • Integrated printer uses readily available paper from any high street office supply company

  • Correction of Ca for the interference from high levels of Na

Photograph of BWB's SFP Flame Photometer
Chimney of the BWB SFP Flame Photometer
An image showing the printer designed to work with the SFP flame photometer
Close up of the BWB SFP's fluid injector device

The BWB flame photometer is a game-changer in what is possible with a low temperature flame - give us a call if you're looking for a something to perform specifically for your needs.

The BWB flame photometer is a game-changer in what is possible with a low temperature flame and our product development program has, since day one, been driven by our customer’s demands. We have strong mutually beneficial partnerships within many commercial and academic organisations that faced specific challenges that were addressed by a BWB Special flame photometer.

Currently we are measuring Na, K, Li, Ca, Cs and Ba and combinations of these detectors allow users to engage with BWB engineers to evolve an ideal instrument that caters to their specific needs.

A case in point is a global supplier of ultra high purity Lithium ingots who operates thermal steam electricity power facilities, and uses exotic filtration methods to extract, among other detected ions, lithium. Our hybridized Custom BWB Flame Photometer has allowed them to augment their costly and exotic ICP and AAS instrumentation with our simple to use and exceptionally powerful instrument.

Get in touch now and see how BWB can work with you to develop a BWB Special Flame Photometer specific to your needs.

Presently we have formed a Strategic Alliance with a Major Oil and Gas Company and are co-developing a hybridized FES for online assistance in an exciting break-though technology for oil and natural gas production purposes.

Photograph of BWB's SFP Flame Photometer
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