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The BWB Soil Flame Photometer

The first flame photometer optimised for the agricultural industry.

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  • Simultaneous detection and display of all 3 atoms of interest

  • “IRS” (Internal Reference Standard) available

  • Intuitive user interface for true ease of use

  • Display prompts step by step operation

  • Built-in air compressor

  • Solutions and labware included

  • Data sharing via pc link

  • Operator independent determination of results

  • 4 user selectable units of measure

  • User selectable decimal places

  • Integrated printer uses readily available paper

  • IQ, OQ, PQ web-based certification available

  • Can be used with either the BWB collection cup feature or our AFHS automated sample handling system

  • Correction of Ca for the interference from high levels of Na

Photograph of BWB's SOIL Flame Photometer
Close up image of the SOIL Flame Photometer
Chimney of the BWB SOIL Flame Photometer
Display of the BWB SOIL Flame Photometer

Highly accurate and cost effective soil analysis designed to be used in the lab or 'on the road'.

Potassium is essential to plant growth, fertilisers and soil substrates have been analysed using flame photometry for decades. Building upon 2017 research papers conducted by Professor Akiharu Sasaki for the specific use of flame photometer analysis in the agricultural industry over and above other methods of analysis the BWB SOIL Flame Photometer was born.

This unique instrument has been designed and developed in conjunction with various field requests and operational requirements for the specific analysis of fertilisers and soil substrates. Building upon the footprint of the award winning BWB XP instrument the SOIL offers all the benefits of our base product optimised over and beyond the requirements for analysis in the agricultural industry.

The SOIL instrument offers enhanced Ca detection alongside Sodium and Potassium with the option to utilise Lithium as an internal reference standard.

The ease of portability of this instrument and ‘Just add Gas’ configuration allows the instrument to be set up in the back of a van and conduct field analysis on site at various geographical locations. With a thermal printer fitted as standard, traceability for sample analysis is maintained throughout.

Photograph of BWB's SOIL Flame Photometer
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