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The BWB BIO with AFHS Tech Data

BWB's highly automated flame photometry platform for biological applications.

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  • Built around BWB’s proprietary “auto read” technology

  • “IRS” (Internal Reference Standard) available

  • Compatible with all 2014 and forwards BWB flame photometer models

  • 5 user selectable tray calibration correction points

  • User selectable dilution ratio

  • Purpose built auto diluter

  • On demand printing of key analysis data with BWB’s integrated printer

  • A single shared power source for the auto sampler and auto diluter

  • Up to 89 samples

  • Interchangeable sample tray

  • Additional sample trays available for 1ml & 3ml sample cups

  • Large stocks of sample cups held for same day dispatch to prevent delays

Photograph of BWB's Automated Fluid Handling System
A close-up of the carousel of the AFHS instrument
A close-up of the printer designed to work with the AFHS instrument
A close-up of the auto-sampler label on the AFHS instrument

BWB's simple, robust & reliable Automated Fluid Handling System (AFHS) paired with our BIO flame photometer.

BWB customers rely on our instrumentation that may run throughout the day processing tens or even hundreds of samples. Until now this operation has been a manual process and requires an operator present to introduce each sample. Many organisations are striving for greater efficiency and automation of their laboratory processes and in response BWB have a solution. The new Automatic Fluid Handling System (AFHS), which for the first time offers fast, reliable and effective automation of the flame photometry process.

New “Auto Read” Technology is the foundation for automation
The goal of an automated system is to perform tasks accurately, reliably and autonomously without the need for human intervention. By clever software/firmware handling of the input from our multiple channel detectors, stability of readings are analytically determined and no longer a subjective user decision.

This ultra reliable thermal printer sits atop the main flame photometer enclosure for footprint reduction in valuable lab space. The printer is supplied with print stock derived from recycled paper, has a 10 year shelf life and comes with soy based ink as standard.

The dimensions of the unit were also designed to offer compatibility with standard calculator print paper available globally from any high street.

The BWB auto sampler is available as an optional extra for all the latest models of the BWB flame photometer.

BWB has introduced an operator configurable 1:6 to 1:100 auto-diluter for the latest models of the BWB flame photometer.

Photograph of BWB's Automated Fluid Handling System
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