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The BWB Sugar Flame Photometer

Elemental analysis for sugar production lines.

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  • Uniquely hybridized BWB dual channel, focused for high accuracy potassium and sodium measurements

  • “IRS” (Internal Reference Standard) available

  • 4-20mA 2-wire output compatible with SCADA software

  • Live online monitoring

  • Constant condensation stream feeds with use of the proprietary BWB collection cup

  • Built-in air compressor; pioneered by BWB technologies in 2007 and proven now with over 1000 units in global field use

  • Solutions and labware included; “Just Add Gas”, the hallmark of the user friendly BWB flame photometer (FES) program

  • User selectable decimal places

  • Intuitive user interface for true ease of use

  • Display prompts step by step operation

  • Data sharing via PC link with BWB’s FP-PC app

Photograph of BWB's SUGAR Flame Photometer
Close up image of the SUGAR Flame Photometer
Chimney of the BWB SUGAR Flame Photometer
Display of the BWB SUGAR Flame Photometer

Optimised flame photometry for sodium & potassium in the sugar refining industry.

In keeping with the Globally accepted published papers from 1977 forward, potassium and sodium detection is now available online 24/7 with a Uniquely configured channel of detection for extreme accuracy along the range of potassium control.

This winning proprietary format has been improved with a unique adaptation and optimisation of the proprietary BWB optical array detection systems, which in this iteration of the BWB Specialty Flame Photometers allows for a single channel of precise and accurate potassium and sodium measurement.

This Specialty Flame Photometer has been requested and designed for the global Sugar Production marketplace.

There were a few traditional Flame Photometer manufacturers over the decades who had served this market and now these robust and fantastic units are coming out of service.

Enter the BWB SUGAR Flame Photometer with specialised potassium and sodium channel detection, supplied with hybridised specific needs multiple point calibration solutions for potassium and sodium. Per our customers’ requests, our Collection Cup provides Real Time sample access for our mixing chamber/detection systems and only requires that the sample be at or near ambient temperature and customer provided ~5ml/minute feed to our unique “Collection Cup” system.

This totally unique BWB feature allows multiple installations details to be shared via intranet or internet links to provide “Distributed Control” via a single Control room with staff completely remote from the Refinery site itself.  For large Sugar Companies with multiple sites around the world, this allows Expertise from a centralized location anywhere in the world with real time virtually limitless data accumulation and analysis.

.csv files allow users to construct novel and proprietary Excel spread sheets and to share data quickly and efficiently.

Photograph of BWB's SUGAR Flame Photometer
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