Our Flame Photometer Products

Continually pushing the boundaries of flame photometry

Our Flame Photometers have revolutionised what can be achieved using low temperature flame analysis.


With unrivalled accuracy, low cost and ease of use our flame photometers are not only the best flame photometer available
but are the first real alternative to AAS and ICP for measuring Lithium Li, Sodium Na, Potassium K, Calcium Ca & Barium Ba.


From our manufacturing plant in Newbury, England, We continue to develop and enhance a series of flame photometer products, and accessories, which exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality and value for money. 

Flame Photometer by BWB Technologies.

Flame photometers - A solution for any application!

Other flame photometer manufacturers maybe content with a "one size fits all" policy. BWB Technologies understands the needs of our customers and we offer a range of instruments to address the specific needs and applications of a wide range of industries, and can offer tailored solutions.

Automated Fluid Handling System Products from BWB Technologies

BWB Flame Photometer Automation

Truly automate flame photometry analysis with the BWB Technologies Automated Fluid Handling System (AFHS) products - auto sampler, auto diluter and printer. Our unique and innovative approach to product design has been applied to include a new line of accessories for your BWB flame photometer.Save time, increase productivity, automate your analysis and improve reproducibility and accuracy of YOUR results!

With everything included in the box and consumables and spares kept in stock at multiple offices across the world, we can provide a fast response to any flame photometer order.

BWB Flame Photometer Solutions & other consumables

BWB Technologies supply a range of products for our customers to ensure that their flame photometer performs to the highest standards for years to come! Also we offer FAST delivery!

With support over the phone 24/7 BWB flame photometers stand out from the crowd. Real people answering phonecalls and emails ensures a quick and accurate response to your flame photometry questions.

Product Comparison

With niche application specific instruments choosing the correct one for you doesn't need to be a complicated task. Simply take a look at our product comparison table to find the instrument that meets your requirements. 

Alternatively, get in touch, we're always happy to help. 

BWB Support Services

BWB Technologies are proud to manufacture award winning, market leading flame photometers, but our customer service does not stop after we make a sale! We offer a unique on-line IQ OQ PQ programme for system validation and certification as well as extended warranty options. BWB provide support to our customers and distributors which is second to none.