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BWB Technologies - Continually pushing the boundaries of flame photometry

From brine to cement, serum to condensate; our range of applications and technical documents and industry specific instruments ensure that we can provide a solution to your analytical requirements. 

If you have a specific element, or more than one element, that you're interested in, click on the element tiles a little further down the page, to filter the list of application notes to meet your needs.

We've added a dilution calculator here, to help with calibration.

One common question we've been asked, has been how to calculate the amount of a calibration standard that is required to be generate a sample used for calibration purposes.

To that end here is a calculator for you to use - just enter the Stock Concentration, Final Concentration and the Final Volume required, and the Volume from Stock box will be populated with the correct value to use.


Stock Concentration:


Final Concentration:


Final Volume:


Dilution Calculator


Volume from Stock:

Application Notes

Ca Tile - Not selected
Ca Tile - Selected
K Tile - Not selected
K Tile - Selected
Na Tile - Not selected
Na Tile - Selected
Li Tile - Not selected
Li Tile - Selected
Ba Tile - Not selected
Ba Tile - Selected
Cs Tile - Not selected
Cs Tile - Selected

Units of Concentration

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