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Unparalleled Support System

After sales and other services as standard

The only flame photometer manufacturer to have dedicated sales and technical support offices in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. We offer an unsurpassed level of customer support with a 24/7 support service and real people answering calls.

After Sales Support from BWB Technologies

Number 1 for customer support

We are proud to build award winning, market leading flame photometers, but our customer service does not stop after we make a sale. We provide support to our customers and distributors which is second to none!

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Support in Europe, America and the Middle East

BWB are a UK company but wherever you are based, we can offer fast, efficient and advanced global support directly or through our network of certified distributors.

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Expert advice from technical specialists

Unlike most of our competitors, we only sell direct, or through local distributors who have demonstrated that they can answer your questions quickly and accurately.

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Deal direct, not with a catalogue house

If you buy from BWB you are dealing direct or through a technical distributor. Unlike catalogue companies with thousands of products and no skilled staff, BWB have people who know our product and are here to help you!

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Extensive internet knowledge base and video library

With over 100 articles for you to read online now, is a valuable source of information both before and after you purchase your flame photometer. All of our technical articles feature a link to send feedback or ask questions to our technical staff.

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IQ - Installation Qualification

The installation qualification covers in detail the key steps required to correctly set up the BWB range of photometers and Auto Fluid Handling System. IQ stages include: maintenance and service plans, the installation environment and health and safety requirements. The documentation pack provided gives a complete historical overview of the equipment's purchase and installation, with each process being signed off by the operator / installation engineer. This is a key must have for large corporations and good laboratory practices.

The operation qualification covers the steps required to ensure that the BWB flame photometer and AFHS are operating correctly. The user will undertake a series of hardware checks and test readings, providing the results to BWB for analysis.

OQ - Operational Qualification

The performance qualification has been designed to ensure that the instruments perform to the original factory specifications.

PQ - Performance Qualification

Once the IQ and OQ sections have been completed, the user runs a sample manually or using AFHS with the provided solutions, prints out the results and sends to BWB for analysis.After completion of the qualification and confirmation from BWB, a signed certificate will be issued to the user.IQ OQ PQ is a unique and effective program built to ensure technical ability, confidence and peace of mind for all users of the BWB 2015 and onwards Series of Flame Photometers and Auto Fluid Handling Systems.

Upon completion and submission of the documentation pack and results from the PQ testing, certification is provided by BWB Technologies. The label provided within the kit can be dated and have the certificate number filled in to provide a local aid and reference point for operators and lab managers to clarify the equipment is in date and ready to use.

IQ OQ PQ Certification

The IQ OQ PQ programme has been specially created to ensure the end user has the technical knowledge and after sales support required to install and initialise their BWB Flame Photometer and the technical know-how and confidence to operate any of our 2015 and later range of flame photometers correctly and efficiently on a daily basis.

Novel to BWB, our IQ OQ PQ Certification is run completely remote and online

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Certificate of Analysis & MSDS

Here you can download Certificates of Analysis (COAs) or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for our range of calibration standards and fluids that go with your Flame Photometer.

For a COA, enter your batch number below or, for an MSDS, enter the part number displayed on the bottle.

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Extended Warranty Options

All BWB Technologies products are exceptionally reliable and well made.  We are confident you will have many years of trouble-free service from your BWB flame photometer. However, there is always a risk with any high-tech instrumentation, that you will need technical assistance at some point over the product's lifetime. 

Normally, if you require assistance,  potential problems can be addressed quickly and easily via our e-mail support service. In the unlikely event that your flame photometer is not performing as expected, our technical support team are ready to help diagnose and resolve the problem as fast as possible.

All our instruments are supplied with a standard 1 year back-to-base warranty.  However if your BWB instrument is critical to your organisation we offer an upgrade to a premium warranty service at any point after your purchase.

After the first 12 months of ownership you have the opportunity to purchase an ongoing support contract which is renewed on an annual basis. This offers complete protection and piece of mind for your investment in a BWB flame photometer.

Warranty Registration Discount Offer

Upon submitting a warranty registration, we'll then give you a 50% discount on your first purchase of a XP calibration kit to then use with your Flame Photometer.

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