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An independently owned private company with flame photometer manufacturing in the United Kingdom under strict ISO control protocols. BWB are a global company with offices in Europe, America and the Middle East and a world-wide network of high quality distributors. We offer unsurpassed levels of technical support available 24/7 and employ real experts in flame photometry.

Flame Photometers - unlike any other!

BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium (Li, Na, K, Ca & Ba). 


There are flame photometry applications in many different industries including • Cement • Beverage • Pharmacies in Clinics • Medical Schools • Petrochemical • Paper • Fertilizer • Wine • Food • Nuclear Power Stations • Salt and Potassium mines • Sugar Industry.


BWB are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with low temperature flame photometry.  Here are some of the many reasons BWB are now the flame photometer manufacturer of choice;

Simultaneous detection & display of all 5 ions - Measurement of lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium & barium simultaneously is a huge step forward in terms of ease of use and time savings.

Built-in Air Compressor - Greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint while increasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility

Advanced Calibration System - The ability to store calibration data and perform multi-mode calibrations reduces analysis time by up to 65%.

Ease Of Use - Easier to use than any other flame photometer, greatly reduces staff training which is further enhanced by our extensive training videos.

Just Add gas - Unlike other manufacturers who charge extra for vital accessories, BWB include everything required to use the product straight out of the box. Just add Gas!! (Propane, butane or LPG)


BWB - FLAME PHOTOMETER Complete with: 5 detectors ,Gas Regulator, Air Compressor Inbuilt, Drain trap, connecting tubes, operating manual, PC software (with Interface cable)


Fluid Kits containing:

•Diluent Concentrate(500ml),

•Sodium Standard 10,000ppm (150ml)

•Potassium Standard 10,000ppm (150ml) •Lithium Standard 10,000ppm (150ml)•Calcium Standard 10,000ppm (150ml) •Barium Standard 10,000ppm (150ml), •Decon ® 90 cleaning agent concentrate (1 Litre) •DI Water (1 Litre)


Starter Pack containing:

•1ml Pipettes(10),•10ml Pipettes (10)•100ml Volumetric Flask (1) and•Sample Cups (100)

Long term savings - Excellent value for money and very low total cost of ownership.

No need for internal standards - Saves time and money! Find out more

Why buy a BWB Flame photometer over other technologies?

Selective Analysis - Flame photometry, excludes most elements, which means very little interference.


Cost Savings - The purchase cost and operational costs are lower than a comparable AAS or ICP.


Reliable & Simple - Become an expert on day one and achieve repeatable results time and time again.


Fast! - Once the instrument has stabilized it takes just a matter of seconds to obtain results.


Please contact us so that we can discuss the exact requirements for your laboratory. We have many specialist flame photometers which have been developed for specific applications, tell us about your application today!

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