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An independently owned private company with flame photometer manufacturing in the United Kingdom under strict ISO control protocols. BWB are a global company with offices in Europe, America and the Middle East and a world-wide network of high quality distributors. We offer unsurpassed levels of technical support available 24/7 and employ real experts in flame photometry.

Simultaneous detection & display of all 5 ions - Measurement of lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium & barium simultaneously is a huge step forward in terms of ease of use and time savings.

Built-in Air Compressor - Greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint while increasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility.

Ease Of Use - Easier to use than any other flame photometer, greatly reduces staff training which is further enhanced by our extensive training videos.

Advanced Calibration System - The ability to store calibration data and perform multi-mode calibrations reduces analysis time by up to 65%.

Long term savings - Excellent value for money and very low total cost of ownership.

No need for internal standards - Saves time and money! Find out more

Flame Photometers - unlike any other!

BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium  (Li, Na, K, Ca & Ba).

There are flame photometry applications in

many different industries including

• Cement

• Beverage

• Pharmacies in Clinics

• Medical Schools

• Petrochemical

• Paper

• Fertilizer

• Wine

• Food

• Nuclear Power Stations

• Salt and Potassium mines

• Sugar Industry.

BWB are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with low temperature flame photometry. 

BWB - FLAME PHOTOMETER Complete with: 5 detectors ,Gas Regulator, Air Compressor Inbuilt, Drain trap, connecting tubes, operating manual, PC software (with Interface cable)

Just Add gas - Unlike other manufacturers who charge extra for vital accessories, BWB include everything required to use the product straight out of the box. Just add Gas!! (Propane, butane or LPG)

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