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BWB Technologies Is Now HTTPS Secure

BWB Technologies is now HTTPS Secure

As part of our commitment to consistently being on top of the latest technology advancements and innovations, BWB Technologies Website is now HTTPS Secure.

HTTPS is a form of website encryption whereby your browser will check the security certificate of our website and verify it is deemed as 'safe' by a legitimate authority. This level of technology and encryption on our website means when you submit information to us using our website, it is kept totally secure.

When you use HTTPS, which encrypts websites, your browser will look up our website's security certificate to see whether it has been certified as "safe" by an official body. This degree of technology and encryption ensures that any information you send to us via our website is completely safe.

Originally used by Banks and eCommerce stores, the HTTPS Security Certificate is now being rolled out to industries with a significant presence on the web, and companies such as us who are constantly looking for new technologies and ways of improving our service to customers.


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