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Introducing the BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer

Introducing the BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer

Introducing the brand new BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer.

The BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer was designed around the original BWB XP Flame Photometer, and provides enhanced functionality.

This gives more utility while maintaining the unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability, and significantly reducing analysis time.

  1. Detect and display all 5 elements simultaneously, saving time and speeding up sample analysis. No need to change filters or re-calibrate for each element individually.

  2. High Levels of Accuracy, Usability and Reliability that is unrivalled in the industry. Through our constant innovation and use of modern technology, this instrument offers you detailed and exact data that is reliable time and time again.

  3. Intuitive and helpful interface. With bright colours, and a large LCD display, you can quickly setup your instrument using the step-by-step on-screen guide, and analyse your results with ease.

  4. Solid and sturdy design. Our metal casings are strong and durable, meaning they stand the test of time.

  5. Environmentally Friendly. Our components are ROHS compliant where possible, and have a low carbon footprint, meaning they are easily recycled.

  6. All-in-one kit with no need to purchase extra accessories. Our XP Flame Photometer comes with everything you need to use the product straight out of the box. Power Cables, Gas Hose, Aspiration Kit, Manuals, Warranty Registration Form, Certificates of analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets for all provided Fluids, The FP-PC Software installation USB, cleaning solution, calibration fluids, conical flask, disposable sample cups, Deionized water, waste tube, set of spare fuses and pipettes. Just add gas!

  7. Easily share your data with colleagues. Need to collaborate with your Department Head or Research Associates? Each photometer comes with a USB to enable you to easily and quickly share data from the BWB XP Flame Photometer directly to your PC or intranet with PDF or CSV reports.

  8. “IRS” (Internal Reference Standard) Caesium or Lithium Option. The BWB XP PLUS is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, and Calcium with an option to use either Caesium or Lithium as an Internal Reference System (IRS) that acts as an internal standard to adjust small changes during calibration and measuring.

To find out more about the BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer visit BWB XP Flame Photometer Page on our Website.


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