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Introducing our NEW Soil Flame Photometer!

Introducing our NEW Soil Flame Photometer

Introducing our BRAND NEW Soil Flame Photometer is the first of it's kind for the Agricultural Industry.

Potassium has long been hailed as essential to plant growth in the industry, with accurate and regular measurement of the element in soil and fertilisers proving vital for farmers and industry professionals to ensure greatest crop success.

BWB have created this unique instrument to provide the very best possible measuring tool available on the market today. With enhanced Ca detection alongside Sodium and Potassium and the option to utilise Lithium as an internal reference standard, BWB have produced a truly amazing machine.

It has been built to allow for easy transportation between sites, and the 'just add gas' configuration means you have everything you need to get started straight away out of the box. No extra accessories required, no extra costs involved.

With a thermal printer fitted as standard, traceability for sample analysis is maintained throughout.

Find out more about this fantastic Soil Flame Photometer.


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