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When running a Flame Photometer you want to ensure that not only are you achieving the most accurate possible results but also the most cost efficient use of power and consumables, at BWB we have Flame Photometers that run at some of the best prices available per sample. Here are a few in-depth stats to really show you how much you can save with a BWB Flame Photometer.

Cost per sample when in operation

Assuming the instrument is pre-warmed and calibrated then the cost per sample of both electricity and gas is that of £0.000524527037

Cost per sample from cold

Assuming the instrument needs warming and calibrating using a single point calibration standard, then the electricity and gas cost per sample is then £0.008392592593 which allows for 16 minutes of operation.

So lets take a look at running costs per minute ignoring samples and other variables.

The LPG(per minute) cost is at £0.000364537037

This is calculated from a cost of £0.635 per litre of compressed liquid propane, yet our Flame Photometers run on gas, not the compressed liquid so this is expanded at a ratio of 1:270 (the compression factor for liquid propane gas (LPG)). The range of BWB Flame Photometers have a consumption rate of 0.155L/min (gas).

Electricity (per minute) £0.00016

This works out with £0.16 per Kwh, the consumption of a BWB Flame Photometer being 61watts/hour. Cost per minute of operation = £0.0016

So how does this compare to other technologies?

ICP comparison: ICP-MS: ICP-MS also takes about 3 min to carry out a duplicate analysis for 10 analytes, which is equivalent to 20,000 samples per year. Based on an annual operating cost of $13,250, this equates to $0.66 per sample.

Using ICP in your lab for the routine analysis of Na, K, Li, Ca or Ba? Why not get in touch with one of our experts to see how we can help your lab save money!


Cost analysis:

(based on UK prices Oct 2019)


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