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BWB Technologies at the Big Top

BWB Technologies and giving back to the community with Circus Starr

Circus Starr Logo

At BWB Technologies we are always looking for brand new ways to ensure we can give back to our community, with that in mind we have sponsored the latest local big top show from Circus Starr.

Audience watching the show

Circus Starr believes that anything is achievable. They have created a tut-free zone, a performance where yelling, dancing, and bouncing around are encouraged, because they understand that taking special needs children or families to conventional events can be difficult. At their circus, everyone is sincerely urged to let go of their worries, take part, and be themselves.

The show

They introduce children and families to the circus who may not have previously found it amusing. They are aware that going to the circus together as a family builds bonds, encourages creativity, and gives people the confidence to face challenges head-on. They tour the UK with the world's best circus performers and put on 148 breathtaking animal-free concerts each year.

Recently, Circus Starr held two performances in Reading, which we were delighted to support. Together, these performances drew over 1000 spectators, and it's obvious from the photos that everyone had a great time.

One of the ways we give back to our area and collaborate with companies we believe are doing great things for the local community is by sponsoring organisations like Circus Starr. Keep an eye out for Circus Starr and their next performance, and keep checking back to see what more we're working on as a company to give back.


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