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BWB Technologies produces the very best Flame Photometers on the market today, in terms of usability, advanced technologies, and localised support staff.

Part of our commitment to excellence is delivering the best possible instrument to you, in a way that is safe, secure and also good for the environment.

Our 'Green Commitment' is in two parts:


Low Electrical and Gas Consumption during it's use. When the Flame Photometer is being used, we have engineered it to use a minimal amount of electricity and gas - thereby limiting the amount of energy required - doing our bit to save you money and help the environment!

By reducing the weight of the Flame Photometer we also require less fuel to deliver the instrument to your laboratory or company door - thereby reducing emissions we put into the atmosphere.

Recycling 25% of the metal in the chassis of our Flame Photometers means we are reducing the number of greenhouse gas emissions we produce to manufacture the instrument, and are using less energy than making metal from virgin ore.

Packing Box:

With it's sleek new design, our packing box has been re-designed to reduce it's weight by 5kg's, thereby also lowering the transport costs and truck emissions to deliver it to your doorstep.

Made from recyclable card foam inserts that are fully recyclable means the material can be reused time and time again, to allow for maximum use of the resource.

We are committed to always providing the very best Flame Photometer Instruments for your needs, and we recognise the role that protecting the environment plays in this. Our continuous research and development ensures we are always at the cutting edge of latest methods and strategies to achieve this.


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