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A look back at 2023

BWB Technologies' flame photometer range consistently pushes the boundaries of low temperature flame photometry and 2023 has been no different! 

The approach of the New Year is a great time to look back so we thought we would highlight some key developments for BWB over the last year… 

This year saw the wide release of BWB Flash, a brand new flame photometer that is specific to client needs. This new product is the first simultaneous flame photometer with built-in compressor and configurable element analysis to your requirements.

The BWB Flash detects and displays all calibrated ions at the same time, it has an exceptionally low carbon footprint and includes a built-in air compressor and gas regulator. It is available in seven different models with a variety of different detection capabilities. The positive and excited feedback we’ve had from clients using the BWB Flash has undoubtedly been a highlight of 2023. 

Innovation has always been at the heart of BWB and this year we updated our brand to truly reflect our ethos and ambitious extension plans. This includes a new logo that aligns with the cutting-edge products and services we offer, a new colour palette that maintains our core brand identity and a modernised font. As well as, approved distributor's badges to represent our global network of certified distributors.

Our new brand highlights our dedication to staying at the forefront of our industry and gives us the opportunity to go into 2024 and beyond with a visual identity that reflects our enthusiasm for delivering the highest quality products and services. 

Arablab 2023

With visitors and exhibitors from 120+ countries worldwide, Arablab is the Lab Show for science, the environment and chemicals. BWB and our UAE distributor team had a fantastic time showcasing our extensive product range and introducing the new brand to key contacts in person. 

To quote one member of the team; “There was a brilliant atmosphere at Arablab and it was great to have so many insightful conversations - definitely a highlight of 2023!” 

Winter holidays

This has been a busy year for our team so we're rewarding them with a longer than usual break to give them a chance to recover with their families ready for the New Year. 

Our manufacturing and office facility will be closed from 22 Dec and reopen on 09 January

Please note that phones will not be answered during this time and emails will have considerable delays.



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