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Flame Photometer with Auto Sampler

Flame Photometer with Auto Sampler

Increase your sample throughput with automation.

Lab managers are constantly seeking solutions to tackle the problem that emerges with any type of analysis based instrumentation. By their very nature such instruments demand the constant attention of operators in order to dilute, calibrate and analyse each and every sample. This can take many hours of manpower, which of course costs a lot of money and prevents your operators and analysts from actually analysing their data and spending greater amounts of time on research.

Consistent and careful preparation of a sample manually can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes when dilutions and internal references must be conducted and or added. With labs running a high number of samples a day, costs can quickly rise through operators sample preparation time. Enter the BWB Automatic Fluid Handling system, or AFHS for short. An auto sampler designed and built specifically for linking with your flame photometer drastically reducing sample preparation time and increasing throughput.

The AFHS can offer up to an 80% reduction in sample preparation and analysis time. Now just imagine the amount of time saved that analysing over 100 samples a day could do for you, your business and your research.

When combined with the BWB range of Flame Photometers the BWB AFHS even has the ability to run multi ion calibrations during a single run, meaning that you can run multiple different types or concentrations of samples without having to recalibrate for each ion of interest.

Auto samplers are often known for being able to dilute their samples into a range of concentrations during the automatic sampling process and the BWB AFHS is no different. Automatic operator configured dilutions can be carried out within a wide 1:6 to 1:100 range. Preventing wasting huge amounts of time in manually diluting each sample down to bring it within a measurable level; and remember, whilst all of this is going on, your analysts and operators are working on more important matters.

As well as increasing sample throughput and the productivity of employees, the BWB AFHS also offers substantial gains in the precision and accuracy of sampling through the elimination of human dilution errors. The carefully designed mechanical dilution and calibration ensures that the exact same movements and quantities of diluents are added into your sample to ensure a very tightly coupled range of precise additions or dilutions to your samples and calibrators.

The BWB AFHS offers a rotating carousel that can load over 89 samples and calibration standards at a time. The automated arm and sample cannula take samples from these vials to the sample introduction point for analysis as well as mixing the sample to ensure a consistency in sampling technique.

So whilst you may convince yourself that there are many reasons as to why you may feel that the requirement of an automated system is not what you’re after, we hope that this gives you an insight into the reasons why the BWB AFHS is becoming more and more popular in the world of Flame Photometers.


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