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The estimation of the alkali metals by flame photometry is by far its most important application in routine chemical analysis.

This technique has considerable appeal; in the clinical chemistry field it provides a rapid and reliable means of estimating Sodium, Potassium and Lithium in body fluids.
The methodologies of such analyses are well known and indeed well established and shall therefore not be discussed in this guide.

However, the estimation of the alkali and alkaline earth metals is commonly required in a simple matrix, which does not lend itself to simple and direct analysis involving only a dilution step, e.g. Sodium in fuel oil.

This guide therefore aims to guide the user towards making successful determinations in a wide variety of sample media by providing in detail a large selection of procedures using flame photometry from which other methodologies may be appended with relative ease.

What's included?

    Principles of Flame Photometry

    Flame Photometer Operating Data

    Preparing For Analysis

    Making a Measurement

    Applications Methods

Guide to Flame Photometry

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