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Wondering What Makes BWB Flame Photometers Unique?

To offer even further accuracy the majority of instruments across our model range enable up to 10 point calibration curves to be generated per element. This results in a highly accurate method of analysis given that most elements do not have a linear emission spectra, although this is certainly the claim from other manufacturers.

Advanced Calibration

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Highly accurate calibration curves can be generated with up to 10 points of calibration per element. Multi-Ion and Multi-Point standards can be used to further expedite your time to analysis.

Our range of instruments are all derived from our award winning and best-selling base platform, the XP model. Our five element simultaneous detection system is revolutionary, enabling you to easily calibrate and analyse all five elements at the same time without changing filters.

Simultaneous Detection & Display

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Our simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements drastically speeds up the sample throughput time and prevents operators from constant recalibration procedures.

'One of our top priorities is accessibility and convenience, for all of our international clients. That is why we have a minimalist interface with intuitive controls, and no complicated buttons or dials. Our keypads and FLASH capacitive touch displays were designed by user ergonomic experts, to help us provide the smoothest user experience.

Intuitive Interface

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'With thousands of instruments in use around the world, ensuring accessibility for all is important to us. The BWB range offers easy to use LCD driven user prompts to help you have the best experience with your instrument.

'The BWB range of instruments incorporate a service and oil free compressor built into the system. Our design saves valuable lab space, and removes the issues that old, noisy, leak-prone oil compressors create. This drastically reduces interference and allows a strict control of air flow and known pressures, resulting in stable flame conditions and exceptional quality of result determination.

Built-In Air Compressor

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'Our systems all have a service and oil free compressor, to prevent interferences, noise and footprint.

'Our PC software, included with every instrument, supports further work with your data. The reporting feature generates CSV and PDF reports for your analysed samples and calibration curves can be downloaded from the instrument and saved for later recall.

Free PC Software

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'We offer free PC software that enables the user to create CSV and PDF reports and traceability.

We understand that not all labs will have the availability of propane gas ready to use, although propane does offer some of the best results for flame photometry, the instrument can be used with butane or even natural gas without modification.

Gas Selection

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A specially developed built in gas regulator enabling the use of Propane, LPG, Butane or Natural Gas (Methane) as standard and with no user modification required.

Boasting internal storage for up to 200 results, the instrument surpasses the outdated analogue counterparts that are still prevalent in the market. You can conveniently access the results when needed or easily transfer them to your PC for further use.

Internal Results Storage

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Utilise the instrument as a standalone device with no PC requirement. Up to 200 results can be stored within the internal memory.

BWB Flame Photometers were designed from the ground up using the newest and most innovative technology to give the user unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability; it's able to do all this while still significantly reducing analysis times. We are always improving our products to make sure that we keep ahead of the demanding needs of elemental analysis.

Continuous Development

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Our Flame Photometers are designed from the ground up from experts in the field and our continuous development nature ensures that instruments remain at the cutting edge year on year.

We supply absolutely everything you'll need to start using our instruments straight out of the box. Calibration standards and basic labware enables the rapid creation of calibration standards. You can be running results within an hour of unboxing.

Just Add Gas

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We do not believe in hidden charges and additional accessories. To start using your award winning BWB instrument, all you need to do is 'Just Add Gas!'

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