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Protecting the environment 

We aim to help reduce our carbon footprint one Flame Photometer at a time, that’s why we have a number of different practices in place to try and make sure that our products and core business structure is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our green goals

  • Using LED lighting with efficient heating systems across our manufacturing facility. 

  • Utilising only 'green' energy suppliers our electricity is supplied from 100% renewable sources and our natural gas consumption is 100% carbon neutral*

  • Environmentally friendly packaging created from pre-recycled content or utilising materials that can be easily recycled across the globe. 

  • The use of paper based packaging tape to reduce our plastic consumption and allow our cardboard boxes to be easily recycled.

  • Product design considerations such as re-cyclability and life cycle assessments are taken into account at the development phase of our new products. 

Making Our Blue More Green
Green flame

Tree planting promise

In house recycling scheme

We have our own in house recycling scheme for factory generated waste to ensure that our employees and the company are doing all we

can to help protect and preserve the environment.

We're proud to be the first flame photometer manufacturer to plant trees for every instrument sold. We're committing to planting at least 50 trees for every model of flame photometer we sell from 01 May 2021. 

In addition we have an ultimate goal to plant 1000 trees for every company employee by 2025.

UN 17 Goals

Tree count.gif

Striving to meet as many of the United Nations 17 sustainability development goals is a key priority for us in our commitment to protect the environment.

We have adapted our processes and products to meet the following goals:

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy.

Ensuring we use energy suppliers that produce electricity from renewable sources and carbon neutral natural gas. In addition to LED lighting used throughout the manufacturing facility and office spaces.  

Affordable and Clean energy
Decent work and economic growth

Goal 8: Decent work and economical growth

We believe in apprenticeships for the training and education of young people and support those where available within the business. We continue to support local youth organisations and further education courses through our voluntary positions in the local community. 

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

We encourage our employees to use public or self propelled transport where safe to do so and provide secure housed facilities for the storage of pedal bikes and scooters during the working day.

E Inverted Icons_WEB-11.webp
Responsible consumption and production

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Working with waste management companies we recycle cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminium. Our outwards goods packaging is either produced from recycled content or is easily recycled. 

Goal 13: Climate action

We've selected our courier and freight agents very carefully to ensure they have long term commitments to the protection of our planet. Our goods delivered through our selected courier are carbon neutral. 

Climate action
Life on Land

Goal 15: Life on Land

We're committed to fighting deforestation by funding the planting of 1000 trees for every company employee by 2025. We're also proud to be the worlds first flame photometer manufacturer planting trees for every instrument sold. 

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