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  • The BWB Team

Unparalleled support from BWB and the international network

Real people 

The entire team at BWB strongly believes that we need to have a combination of products that consistently push the boundaries of low temperature flame photometry and unparalleled customer support. We believe customers should have constant access to an expert team that can answer any questions and offer guidance on a range of topics to meet their needs and requirements. 

As such, we are the only flame photometer manufacturer to have dedicated sales and technical support offices in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. We carefully select all of our distributors and agents to ensure that they can uphold the high levels of after sales customer support that we’ve become known for. 

People are a big part of our ethos, from the experts we have developing products to our valued customers. We want to make sure these customers have a voice that can influence the direction of our company and solutions. Our new ideas page gives our clients the opportunity to submit ideas for evolving our software and hardware. We’ve found there’s no one better to give us ideas and opinions about what we should explore next than the people who use our products the most. 

Deal direct 

Unlike many of our competitors, we also only sell direct or through local and authorised distributors, not catalogue houses. A lot of time behind the scenes goes  into ensuring that any distributor we work with has demonstrated that they share our ethos and expertise. We make sure they can answer any customer questions quickly and efficiently before we begin working with them. Unlike catalogue companies with thousands of products, our flame photometers are only sold through individuals that understand the technology and are here to help you. 

Certification available

Our IQ OQ PQ programme has also been specially created to ensure that end users have technical knowledge and after sales support required to install and initialise their BWB Flame Photometer. As well as the technical know-how and confidence to operate any of our 2015 and later range of flame photometers correctly and efficiently on a daily basis. New to BWB, our IQ OQ PQ Certification is run completely remote and online. 

Wherever you are based, we offer fast, efficient and advanced global support. FInd out more about our IQ OQ PQ programme and other areas of customer support such as our extended warranty options by visiting our support page. 

If you would like to speak to us about a specific product, contact us today.


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