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We're Listening - give your ideas and opinions

Help us help you!

We are always looking to make improvements where we can, and who better to give us ideas and opinions than the people who use our products the most, the best ideas have always come from you guys. Submit your idea below or check out a few of the requests that we've had in the past and rolled out.  We're always listening for new ideas.

"The IL 943 is no longer supported and we need a modern alternative to replace it with."

"We're running hundreds of samples every day, can you offer sample automation?"

"I need to link the Flame Photometer to a LIMS system."

"Can you allow me to upload our company logo for use in PC generated reports"

"We need an instrument to analyse Sodium and Potassium in a continual flow process line operating 24/7"

"Our sample volume is very small, we need a nebuliser with a limited aspiration rate."

"We're running a high end pharma lab in line with stringent legislation and require an instrument that offers login and user tracking capabilities"

"Can you offer the ability to print via a receipt printer?"

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