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Real people, real reviews

It's not just us that believe we offer the best solutions to your flame photometric analysis, here are reviews from real people we've helped in the past

The BWB Flame Photometer is very easy to use. The producibility is very good.' It is a pleasure to work with you and your company

Lillian Custals, University of Miami


My experience I have made with the BWB-XP Flame Photometer is, that it is easy to install, easy to handle, gives accurate measurements and with the software the operator has a better summary of the work he has done in the Lab. The excellent service of BWB- Technologies and the excellent performance of the instrument makes the BWB-XP Flame Photometer the "best Flame Photometer which is on the market" .At the moment no competitor can beat this instrument in performance and price.

Wolfgang Glock-THG-Glock Instruments


BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium &Barium in Cement , Refractory Materials, Fertilizer. BWB flame photometers are used for measuring low concentration of sulfur also. The device works very stability, in a wide measuring range and with good accuracy and reproducibility

PhD Eng. Katarzyna Stec, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials


It in cement mill serves to measurements of content of solvable alkalies in cement and to control of regularity of measurements alkalies the method of X-ray fluorescence as standard method. Possibility of simultaneous measurement of several elements on attention deserves as well as the easiness of realization of calibration. Very good the installation the diagnostic signalizer is the solution and show of their main desk top. This function on control of state of apparatus and safe work. It is this modern photometer about large possibilities, the exactitude of measurements assures near straight line service

Maria Szymoniak, Manager of control of quality, Lafarge Cement S.A. - Cement Mill Kujawy


I would like to inform you that the customer can work with their BWB-1 again already, and they are very very happy. Thank you so much for the kind suppport

Nquyen Nhung, MEGATECH Technology & Equipment JSC


After 5 years in operation, the Flame Photometer shows us many advantages. We are also very satisfied with the professional working wat of the Customer-care Department of BWB Dealer in Vietnam. They are really active in addressing all the issues relating to BWB product." Read the full report hereMs

Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha, Manager of Fertilizer and Soil Laboratory, Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam


We are very happy so far with the purchase of our BWB-XP flame photometer. We are using the unit for a colours application and has upgraded from a older Sherwood model. I carry out 5 point calibrations on each ion and these calibrations appear to hold from first thing in the morning until the end of the day. The BWB-XP produces accurate values and the ability to measure 5 elements simultaneously is less time consuming than the older instrument and has, on occasion, flagged up the presence of ions which we were not expecting to see and may not have been looking for on the older instrument.

Richard Griffiths, Process Technology, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants Ltd


The first advance in flame photometry in this century is proving a valuable asset for Colchester Hospital. Leeds based Spectronic Camspec have supplied the hospital with a BWB Flame Photometer which has individual detectors for Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba and can simultaneously detect and display all five elements with two point or multipoint calibration. "The BWB Flame Photometer will be used to measure sodium and potassium levels in Total Parenteral Nutrition bags prepared in our hospital Pharmacy sterile manufacturing unit for use within the hospital. It will also be used for determining sodium and potassium levels in pharmaceutical products manufactured in our hospital Pharmacy non-sterile manufacturing unit which are prepared under out MHRA Manufacturing Licence. This new equipment also ensures that we are compliant with the Good Laboratory Practice requirements of our licence.

Sarah Woolls from Colchester Hospital


We purchased the BWB-XP Flame Photometer model to replace out Perkins Elmer Gas analyser, this had served us well for the last 15 years. What attracted us to the BWB-XP was the apparent ease of operation, the key pad menu makes the unit both easy to set up and quick to calibrate. The unit was removed from the packaging, set up, calibrated and was producing acceptable results within a couple of hours! "Just add gas" .Results are very consistent as long as good lab practice is followed regarding preparation and handling of the calibration standards. The report publishing aspect of the software via PDF is excellent! Simple clear graph and set of results with event the capability of adding your own company logo. Direct customer support from BWB has been FIRST CLASS, a real happy to help/resolve any matters approach, as has the supply of the service items atc.

Mick Howards, Production Co-ordinator forR-MC Power Recovery Ltd


My company has been supplying instruments to Australian customers for 33 years , and our experience with flame photometry goes back to the old E.E.L.(uk) units. The BWB instrument is the most advanced is have seen. Even inexperienced customers have no trouble installing the instrument without supervision , by simply following the clear and user friendly instruction manual. I have found BWB's application and technical support "second to none".

Murdoch Macaskill, Daintree Scientific


Our BWB photometer was easy to install and very user friendly. While setting up the machine, I had easy access to customer support and they were very helpful with any questions I had. With just a few touched of the screen, I can quickly and accurately take readings of my samples.

Sydney Webb, Lab Manager, University of Kansas Medical Center


The BWB Sugar flame photometer is working very well. The client had a leak in one of his evaporators a few weeks and the flame photometer detected it. For the sugar industry, this equipment it is used to measure K which is directly related to sugar. The photometer is thus to detect sugar in condensate return to the boiler. The BWB photometer is more user friendly and easier to use than others we came across. It is really good value for money.

Gregory Bathfield, Electrical & Control Specialists Ltd


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