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Market leading Technology

At BWB we've always been a market leader when it comes to our instruments features, that's why all of our Flame Photometers come with the latest market leading technology built into each instrument. On this page you can find features which are unique to our range of Flame Photometers.


5 Inch touch screen display

We have begun to deploy a new 5-inch touch screen display with clear-to-understand buttons and an easy-to-navigate menu to provide enhanced ease of use and understanding of our instruments.

Advanced calibration system

To offer even further accuracy the majority of instruments across our model range enable up to 10 point calibration curves to be generated per element. This results in a highly accurate method of analysis given that most elements do not have a linear emission spectra, although this is certainly the claim from other manufacturers.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 152330.webp
Screenshot 2021-02-03 152406.webp

Simultaneous detection and display

Our range of instruments are all built off of the same award winning and best-selling base platform of our XP model. Our 5 element simultaneous detection revolutionised the market, forget having to change delicate glass filters between each sample or carry out new calibrations, the system can calibrate and analyse all 5 at the same time automatically

Intuitive interface for true ease of use

One of our key development processes is ease of use, this requirement continues to lead our ongoing product development, that's the reason we have a minimalist interface that isn't overloaded with complicated buttons and dials. Our carefully developed membrane keypad was designed by leaders in the field of user ergonomics and as a result each of our buttons are given clear and concise labels rather than a range of hard to identify icons. The built in 4 line scrolling LCD ensures that gloves do not interfere with the operation of the system and a wipe clean surface prevents spillages from becoming a problem

Screenshot 2021-02-03 152422.webp
Screenshot 2021-02-03 152442.webp

Built in air compressor

Saving not only valuable lab space but removing those ghastly oil leak prone and noisy compressors the BWB range of instruments incorporate a service and oil free compressor built into the system. This drastically reduces interferences and allows a strict control of air flow and known pressures, resulting in very stable flame conditions and therefore providing exceptional quality in result determination.

Free of charge PC software

Our PC software, supplied free of charge with every instrument allows further manipulation of your data. Calibration curves can be downloaded from the instrument and saved to the PC for use at a later date. The reporting feature generates csv or pdf reports for your analysed samples. Or simply use it to recall your results saved to the instruments internal memory. Unique to BWB is our optional novel thermal printer integrated within the instrument to ensure continued footprint reduction in valuable lab space. The printer is supplied with print stock derived from recycled paper, has a 10 year shelf life and comes with soy based ink as standard. The dimensions of the printer were also designed to offer compatibility with standard calculator printer paper available globally from any high street.


Gas Selection

We understand that not all labs will have the availability of propane gas ready to use, although propane does offer some of the best results for flame photometry, the instrument can be used with butane or even natural gas without modification.

Internal results storage

Internal reference allows the use of a consistent element of detection in order to overcome environmental drifts and changes in flow from sample to sample. The internal reference can be calibrated for either caesium or lithium and maintains many laboratory standard operating procedures to ensure ease of transition when using our flame photometer over your older instrumentation


Continuous development nature

BWB Flame Photometers were designed from the ground up using the newest and most innovative technology to give the user unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability; it's able to do all this while still significantly reducing analysis times. At BWB we are always working on developing our products to make sure that we keep ahead of the demanding needs of elemental analysis and the broad range of applications and methods that it brings

'Just add gas'

We don't believe in hidden charges and additional accessories, to start using your BWB instrument we refer to our motto 'Just add gas' meaning exactly that. We supply everything you'll need to start using our instruments straight out of the box, Calibration standards and basic labware enables the rapid creation of calibration standards, you can be running results within an hour of unboxing.

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