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BWB Awards


Awarded from Bulb energy for reducing our Carbon emissions by over 1 tonnes per year

Screenshot 2021-10-22 153852.jpg

Using a Low Carbon Workspaces grant BWB were able to reduce their carbon emissions by 1.5 tonnes each year

In July 2013 the BWB Flame Photometer was awarded Gosstandart Certification. 

BWB Technologies would like to thank our Russian Distributors for all their hard work and efforts given to make this happen! Click here to view the July 2013 Gosstandart Certification

Congratulations and a big thank you to BWB’s dedicated distributors who receive highly acclaimed “Best product at show” awards for the BWB Flame Photometer at recent laboratory exhibitions

Award for BWB best in show flame photometer
Flame photometer with plenty of awards
BWB Award presentation for best in show

Photograph shows Mariusz Szkolmowski of GBC Polska (BWB’s Polish distributor) with the award presented at the Eurolab 2012

BWB continually wins awards for the 5 channel instrument

Awarded at LaborExpro 2011 to Zbysek Vichta of LABtechnik s.r.o (BWB Distributor for Czech Republic)

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